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Traffic Violations Payment

Traffic Violations Payment

Traffic laws serve to regulate vehicles circulation and prevent road accidents. For your safety and that of others, it is important to respect all traffic rules including but not limited to safe distance, seat belt, speed limit, etc.

In the unlucky event of traffic violation, whether speed, or park meter, customers can settle their traffic tickets through more than 1,400 OMT locations across Lebanon.

Find out if you have speed tickets to pay by visiting OMT speed ticket calculator, and entering the required information. For more information about how to settle your dues, check the section below.

Traffic Violations  Payment
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Settling Speed Tickets through OMT:

OMT notifies customers about their Speed Tickets via SMS or phone call. Customers can settle their speed tickets at OMT within 15 days from being notified via SMS, or within the due date provided during the phone call. To settle the speed tickets:

1- Visit the nearest OMT Agent location;

2- Provide OMT Agent with your Car Plate Number & Car Plate Code;

3- Settle the amount due & collect OMT receipt. Upon settlement, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

You will receive a second SMS when the stamped ticket is ready for collection from the same OMT Agent location.