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Mechanic Payment

Mechanic Payment

OMT offers you the possibility to pay mechanic dues and late dues for 10,000 LBP fees (+ 1,000 LBP stamp).

All you have to do is provide OMT with the required documents, to pay your mechanic dues, then receive the E-vignette once we send you the One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS.

Don’t forget that you can calculate your dues by visiting the OMT mechanic calculator.

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Mechanic Payment
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To settle your mechanic dues and late dues you need the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of both sides of the car registration document;
  2. Original copy of the Obligatory Insurance (can be received at our locations through Online Brokerage);
  3. Original copy of the Obligatory Insurance receipt;
  4. Original copy (blue for the dues, and white for late dues) of the Mechanic Inspection results, stating the car is “roadworthy”.
Terms Disclaimer

Mechanic dues and late dues settled at any OMT location are reflected automatically on the calculator. However, mechanic dues and late dues settled elsewhere are updated according to the Traffic Trucks and Vehicles Management Authority (TTVMA - Nefaa) Database. Accordingly, they may take some time to be reflected on OMT Calculator. For more information, please call +961 1 391000.