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ID Express

ID Express

This optional service reduces the processing time and allows you to receive the ID within 15 working days from the nearest OMT location.

The Lebanese identity card is an official document issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. It is compulsory for every Lebanese citizen, as it constitutes a document of identification and verification.

Based on the obligation of identification for every Lebanese citizen, and in view of facilitating the affairs of those who visit the Civil Registries every day to apply for an ID card issuance or renewal, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities - Directorate General of Civil Status in cooperation with OMT launched the ID Express service.

ID Express
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What are the steps to select the Express service?

1- Visit the Civil Registry with the necessary documents to submit an ID issuance request.

2- Fill the “Authorization to Receive an ID” form and select the Express service, making sure to write down your mobile number or that of the person you authorize to receive the ID.

3- OMT will contact you or the person you authorized, on the mobile number provided in the “Authorization to Receive an ID” form, in order to select the nearest OMT ِِAgent where you will receive your document within 15 working days.

4- Once your documents are processed, OMT will send to the same mobile number an SMS including the One-Time Password (OTP) required to receive the document.

5- Visit your selected OMT location and provide the agent with the OTP and the request receipt.

Necessary documents to submit an ID issuance request:

  • 2 recent passport photos authenticated by the Mukhtar.
  • Individual Civil Status Record for ID issuance (date of issue must not exceed 6 months) or its true copy.
  • Medical report, laboratory test results, or a true copy indicating the blood type.
  • Proof of identity by the Mukhtar.
  • Original ID card, when submitting an “Identity Card Renewal” request.
  • Original record of lost identity card and copy of the lost identity card, when submitting a “Substitute Copy” request.