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Beirut Municipality

Beirut Municipality

In line with our efforts to be Next To You, OMT, in cooperation with Beirut Municipality, launched in 2016 the Beirut Municipality Fees Settlement service.

This service allows customers to pay their dues to the Beirut Municipality wherever they are in Lebanon, through more than 1,400 OMT locations.

Upon the announcement of the municipality fees yearly releases in the official journal and local newspapers, taxpayers can settle their relevant dues within 2 months without incurring delay fines. However, pursuant to Article 109 of Law 60/88, if the municipality fees are settled after 2 months, a 2% delay fine is imposed for every month.

Learn more about the Beirut Municipality Fees settlement at OMT in the "Payment Details" section.

Beirut Municipality
Receive Money Payment Details

To settle Beirut Municipality Fees, provide OMT Agent with the following information:

  • Taxpayer Subscription Number


  • Real Estate Zone
  • Real Estate Number
  • Section

(The above information is available on the Title of Deed or Real Estate Certificate).

Terms Disclaimer

The information available at OMT about Beirut Municipality Schedules depends on the Schedules released by Beirut Municipality and shared with OMT.