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Fri, January 27, 2023 at 11:30
TLScontact and OMT Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

TLScontact and OMT Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

In line with their commitment to provide effective solutions making the lives of the Lebanese easier, OMT and TLScontact have signed a memorandum of understanding to allow settlement of service fees through OMT. Accordingly, applicants for a Schengen visa to France at TLScontact can now settle the service fees applicable when booking an appointment through more than 1,200 OMT locations across Lebanon.
Bilal Diaa, TLScontact Zone Manager ME, Turkey & Central Asia, stated on the occasion: “This collaboration with OMT is a paradigm shift in facilitating the Schengen visa application process for France. TLScontact will continue to provide the finest services in order to enable its leading role in this field based on the corporate principle: making international travel safe and easy for both government and citizens.”
OMT Chairman Toufic Mouawad declared, “Through a secure digital infrastructure and the largest retail network in Lebanon, OMT continues its mission to bring businesses and their customers closer together and facilitate their transactions, especially for services used by many residents in Lebanon, like TLScontact services.” He added, “Cooperation with the private sector, with successful and trusted companies such as TLScontact is a point of pride for us and at the core of our vision to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to our customers.”

To settle the fees, the applicant or a family member should head to any OMT location within 72 hours of booking the appointment, and provide the OMT Agent with the following:
1. Copy of ID or Family Civil Status in case a family member is settling the fees;
2. Application number provided in the email sent by TLScontact.