Taxes and Fees Forms

Taxes and Fees Forms

In our continuous efforts to provide OMT customers with the best experience, we always seek to provide comprehensive services to make life easier.

Accordingly, we made the Taxes and Fees Forms available on our website for your ease of access and download.

Settle your Taxes and Fees at any OMT location in three easy steps:

        1- Print the relevant form and fill it manually

        2- Visit your nearest OMT location and submit the form to the agent,

        3- Pay the amount due in LBP.

Note: Make sure to collect:

        • Your copy of OMT Receipt.

        • Your copy of the Tax form stamped by OMT agent.

Click on the relevant form to download:

        - S 1

        - S 3

        - S 6

        - S 7

        - S 11