Settle Beirut Municipality 2018 dues through OMT

Settle Beirut Municipality 2018 dues through OMT

Beirut Municipality dues for 2018 have been released on 5/7/2018.

Pursuant to article 106 of the Municipality Fees Law 60/88, taxpayers shall settle their dues within 2 months from the release of the announcement in the Official Journal. For the third year, taxpayers can choose to settle their dues through OMT.

To settle Beirut Municipality Fees, provide OMT Agent with the following information :

  • Taxpayer Subscription Number


  • Real Estate Zone
  • Real Estate Number
  • Section

Note: The above information is available on the Title of Deed or Real Estate Certificate.

Settle your Beirut Municipality dues before 6/9/2018, to avoid delay fines applicable pursuant to article 109 of Law 60/88.

To inquire about the amount due, please call +961-1-391000.