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Partnership between OMT and Hôtel-Dieu de France

Partnership between OMT and Hôtel-Dieu de France

Believing that everyone has the right to have quick and easy access to healthcare, keeping with the principle of cooperation between members of society, and in line with its corporate social responsibility, OMT is partnering with Hôtel-Dieu de France – Université Saint-Joseph to provide a selection of services through its network across Lebanon.
Hôtel-Dieu de France Chairman R.F. Salim Daccache s.j. said: “When Hôtel-Dieu de France - Université Saint-Joseph chose to partner with OMT, it did so because OMT is a money transfer institution which has a long history, since 1998, of helping individuals, companies, families and NGOs guarantee their livelihoods in all transparency. Therefore, the agreement between the hospital and OMT aims to serve patients and employees and facilitate their daily financial transactions in these difficult times, even if we refuse to let circumstances pressure us. This agreement reduces the hassle of everyday life for us, our employees and patients, and opens the door to a decent life.”
OMT Chairman Toufic Mouawad stated: “This partnership with Hôtel-Dieu de France is the first of its kind, as it combines three services: hospital dues payment, employee salaries pay out, and possibility of donations to the patient care fund.” He added: “This partnership between OMT, Hôtel-Dieu de France and R.F. Salim Daccache s.j. is an honor, and we are very proud of it.”