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Tue, November 29, 2022 at 21:55
OMT remains operational during lockdown

OMT remains operational during lockdown

Featured in an article on MTV website, OMT Chairman Me. Toufic Mouawad explained that “around 150,000 families monthly receive money sent from abroad in cash and in USD, through OMT network. The total of 100 million dollars received per month helps the Lebanese cover their daily basic needs during the full lockdown and the fight against COVID-19.”
Mouawad highlighted that “the majority of money transfer receivers through OMT are low-income, or have no income at all, and rely on such transfers to buy food and basic commodities.” Therefore, opening OMT's locations is a dire social and humanitarian necessity.
OMT is taking all necessary prevention measures in its headquarters, standalones and Agent locations, to ensure the safety of its clients and employees alike.
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