Built Property Tax Schedules Released

The Ministry of Finance released the Built Property Tax schedules for Mount Lebanon (revenues of 2015 released in 2018) in the following districts:

  • Al Matn, starting 07/06/2018;
  • Al Chouf, starting 14/06/2018;
  • Aley, starting 12/07/2018.

A penalty of 1% is imposed for every month of delay (fractions of the month are rounded up to the next full month):

  • For real estates with revenues below 20.000.000 LBP: two months after the schedules release.
  • For real estates with revenues exceeding 20.000.000 LBP: as of the declaration initial due date.

To settle the Built Property Tax, visit any OMT location in Lebanon and provide the agent with:

- Region;

- District;

- Real Estate Zone;

- Real Estate Number;

- Section;

- Block.

Note: In case you have declared online on the Ministry of Finance website, you should provide OMT agent with the collection receipt or ك22 form.