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Built Property Tax Schedules Released

Built Property Tax Schedules Released

The Ministry of Finance released the Built Property Tax schedules for Mount Lebanon (revenues of 2015 released in 2018) in the following districts:

  • Al Matn, starting 07/06/2018;
  • Al Chouf, starting 14/06/2018;
  • Aley, starting 12/07/2018.

A penalty of 1% is imposed for every month of delay (fractions of the month are rounded up to the next full month):

  • For real estates with revenues below 20.000.000 LBP: two months after the schedules release.
  • For real estates with revenues exceeding 20.000.000 LBP: as of the declaration initial due date.

To settle the Built Property Tax, visit any OMT location in Lebanon and provide the agent with:

- Region;

- District;

- Real Estate Zone;

- Real Estate Number;

- Section;

- Block.

Note: In case you have declared online on the Ministry of Finance website, you should provide OMT agent with the collection receipt or ك22 form.