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Wed, October 05, 2022 at 21:55
A new main branch for the South in Saida

A new main branch for the South in Saida

In line with the company’s strategy to enhance customer experience, and under the slogan “We progress to remain Next to You”, OMT inaugurated a new main branch for the South of Lebanon in Saida, in the presence of political, judicial, military, religious, economic and social figures, in addition to the media.

The new main branch is strategically located on the eastern boulevard in Saida, near the commercial and residential districts in the area. Based on OMT’s focus on the quality of customer service, and the continuous training and development of its team members and agents, the new main branch is a regional training and customer service center in the South. It also provides OMT services with state-of-the-art systems and technologies to facilitate customers’ transactions during the long working hours throughout the week.

Today, OMT offers the international money transfer service with Western Union, the local money transfer service, and more than 100 services of money collection for the public and private sector through its agents’ network comprising more than 1000 locations across Lebanon.

OMT Next To You.