Our People

Our employees value empowering lives and businesses, supported by an organizational culture that appreciates integrity, passion, innovation and diversity. We actively seek out and welcome people with such principles in order to serve the highest level of commitment to our customers. 

Performance-Oriented Culture

Our culture strives for better performance every day! OMT is driven by a motivation to perform and achieve organizational success. Our people feel motivated and accountable for their performance and strive to achieve their goals. They have room to grow, advance and be rewarded.


People Empowerment

Magic comes from our people’s happiness.

OMT’s legacy is focused on connecting people and businesses across the world. It begins with its Board of Directors’ vision and leadership that shape our people’s desire to succeed. 

Learning and Development

Our people’s growth leads to OMT’s growth as a whole.

We encourage the ongoing development of our people by ensuring that they receive the necessary trainings and tools for their growth. We support their dreams and ambition in pursuing and achieving higher certificates.

Employee Engagement

Our people’s engagement helps strengthen our work culture. This is supported by the various events planned on a regular basis. People have the chance to create bonds with one another, distress from work, and spend quality time together.


That’s why we do it better.

We always have the desire to pursue excellence in what we do! We care to have passionate people on board who add positive energy to OMT.

If passion is your state of mind, OMT is your place to be!


We earn your trust, every day.

OMT is a workplace driven by mutual trust between its people. We are all committed to respecting each other and our customers. Everyone is treated with fairness. Our behaviors are based on honesty, morals and conviction. 


The freedom of innovation to launch new experiences.

Feed your creativity by being a part of an organization that values innovation and gives the freedom to conceptualize ideas. With its advanced solutions, OMT fulfills customers’ financial needs through its retail and digital channels.


We embrace human differences.

OMT provides an environment that embraces everyone’s culture and beliefs. Being Western Union’s Agent in Lebanon and collaborating with people from around the globe every day, OMT encourages diversified thoughts and promotes a culture of equity and inclusion. We all belong to one team.

Commitment to Customers

Always Next to You.

Empathy, care, understanding and responsibility towards our customers, Agents, and partners are core characteristics that you will find in our people. They are key to ensuring customer satisfaction and delight. 


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