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The steps towards your journey at OMT...

Step 1: Application icon
Step 1: Application
Your journey starts by submitting your application through our “Vacancies” page. The entire application process should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.
Step 2: Screening & Shortlisting icon
Step 2: Screening & Shortlisting
Our Talent Acquisition Team will review your profile in order to determine if your experience, work history and education are relevant to the position. If your application does not correspond to an existing job opportunity, we will keep it in our database for future consideration.
Step 3: Phone Interview icon
Step 3: Phone Interview

If your profile matches what we are looking for, you will be contacted for a brief phone interview. Accordingly, an initial face-to-face interview might be scheduled in order to learn more about you.

Step 4: Assessment icon
Step 4: Assessment

Our behavioral and situational based interviews aim to define your values, competencies and motivational drives. The steps following the initial interview could include additional interviews, presentations, role plays and tests that assess what we need to know about you.

Step 5: Final Selection icon
Step 5: Final Selection

After the necessary assessment steps are completed, our Talent Acquisition Committee makes a final selection regarding the most qualified candidate for the related position. If it’s not you, your application will still be considered for other suitable vacancies at OMT!

Step 6: Employment Offer & On-boarding icon
Step 6: Employment Offer & On-boarding

As a final step, you will be contacted by our Talent Acquisition Team for a job offer. Upon offer acceptance, we will start arranging your onboarding journey and your first step towards a successful path with OMT.